About Us - CEO’s Message


Being successful in business demands total focus without being distracted and hindered by day-to-day decision making issues.
All of us working at Woodco strive to contribute to easing the decision making process by monitoring the market changes and the customers needs and delivering service with unbeatable quality and prices.

Our guiding values embrace our desire to continuously improve, commitment to excellent service, listening to customer needs, and being able to produce and deliver.

Our position in the marketplace has strengthened considerably during the past years and we have made several acquisitions in order to deliver maximized production during 2013 and the years ahead.
The key to our success is our people. We have more than 25 years of knowledge within the wood and manufacturing industries and many of our people are among the very best in the field . To meet the strong competition we have strengthened the alignment and cooperation between our showrooms and agents around the world.

In 2013 and the years to come, we will maintain and expand Woodco business platform and continue to focus on supporting customers needs in our quest to improve peoples lives and the places they live in.

CEO Woodco
Hamed al Noori