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United Arab Emirates

Located in the centre of the Gulf countries, Indian Sub-Continent, Commonwealth Independent States, and Africa, the UAE enjoys a strategic position that allows it to present unlimited opportunities across a wide range of sectors. The diverse and geographically-proximate terrains that range from plains to mountains and from deserts to beaches give the UAE a distinguished competitive advantage.

“We are proud of the place in which we live, and Live so that this place will be proud of us.“

Balanced Combination of Tradition and Modernity

The United Arab Emirates is a balanced combination of tradition and modernity. From the world’s tallest skyscraper in Dubai to one of the world’s largest mosques in Abu Dhabi, both the Islamic heritage of the country and the adopted global ethos sit happily side by side, creating an indomitable cultural society that offers the best of both worlds to all who function within it. While the UAE may be quite liberal in comparison to other countries in the region, many present-day laws are rooted in Islamic principles.

Second Largest Population

The UAE has the second largest population in the region of which the majority is urban residents. The largest portion of the population lives in the three largest emirates; Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah. This high urbanization rate has driven the country to focus on building and providing efficient public services, strong transportation system, and reliable communication networks.
With the success each and every Emirate had over the past four decades, the United Arab Emirates has emerged as an important, responsible contributor to the world’s economy, backed by a strong national economy with solid macroeconomic components.